‘Round the Clock: 4-day Prayer for the Media Launch

Virtual Prayer Room

Why a 4-Day Around the Clock Prayer Event for Pashtun Women?

A new initiative to reach Pashtun women is being launched. A team is creating a Facebook page to broadly sow the seed of scripture specifically among Pashtun women. The Facebook page is going live on December 4th. We know that this pioneering effort will not be successful without concentrated prayer. Would you join us in bringing this initiative before the throne of God?

How to Use this Virtual Prayer Room

This prayer event is designed to happen worldwide. As long as you have internet access, you can sing up and join us in prayer. If you have not signed up for a time slot, click the link below. Feel free to sign up for multiple time slots if you are able. Once you know your time, set a reminder or alarm so you won’t miss your turn to pray. Before you pray, come back here to our Virtual Prayer room and look over the resources we have for you. We have developed a prayer wheel that you can download and print. It is designed to provide prompts and guide you in how to best use your time while you pray. There is also information about Pashtuns, pictures, and specific prayer requests to help you as you bring these people before our Father. We also recommend that you have a way to record thoughts, ideas, and anything you think the Father is communicating with you as you pray. If there is anything you hear that you’d like us to know, please email us. We would love to hear how the Father is speaking to you!

Commit to a Half-hour Time Slot

We need 192 people to sign up for different half-hour time slots to have continuous prayer for four days. If you haven’t yet signed up for your half-hour time slot, click the link below to sign up. The link will take you specifically to the “24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns” page on the website 24-7prayer.com.

Half-hour Prayer Cycle – To Guide Your Time

Praying for half an hour may seem challenging for some. If that’s you, you are not alone! Our lives are busy and finding 30-minutes to sit and pray is tough. Sometimes, not knowing how to spend the half-hour or not knowing what to pray for can cause worry.

To help guide your half-hour of prayer, we have provided the 30-minute Prayer Wheel below. This is a tool to guide you in how to spend your time. With prompts, we have found the time to be deep, intimate and to run out before we’re ready to stop praying.

If you want to download or print the 30-minute Prayer Wheel, click the image below for a downloadable file.

Requests – Specific Things to Pray For

  • For soft hearts
  • For eyes and ears open to the Scriptures
  • That our Facebook accounts, advertisements, and our page would not be flagged or blocked by Facebook
  • That we will find the right way to target our advertisements so that mainly Pashtun ladies see them (This is very difficult because Pashtun ladies don’t make their identity clear on Facebook)
  • For good and effective content production
  • For a believing Pashtun lady to be willing and able to record her voice for some of our audio videos
  • For ladies to share our videos and Scriptures with others in their households
  • That we would learn how to follow up well through messages and that this would lead to in-person meetings with seekers
  • For unity, creativity, faithfulness, and consistency among the page administrators
  • That the effort would lead to Pashtun women coming to Christ!

Pictures – To Spark Prayers

Information – To Enhance Your Prayers

  • There are roughly 52 million Pashtuns living primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Pashtuns are nearly 100% muslim. Those that turn away from Islam (to any religion or atheism) face intense persecution, ostracism, and even death.
  • Pashtuns are the largest tribal society in the world.
  • Pashtuns make up the largest unreached people group in Central Asia.
  • Women are least reached among the Pashtun. They are difficult to access and are often closed minded due to lack of education and lack of exposure to the world outside of their homes.
  • Women often face significant oppression in Pashtun society. Many are forced to stay at home or cover themselves completely when going into public places.
  • Women have many dreams, but very little freedom to pursue those dreams. Many are not educated. They do not have any say in who they marry or at what age they are married.
  • Most Pashtun women are illiterate.
  • Women love to dress up in glamorous and colorful outfits bedazzled with embroidery, beads, and mirrors. Although their daily lives are filled with chores, they love to meet with their relatives, drink tea, and dance. They are fun-loving and affectionate.
  • Jealousy is a big problem in the culture, on the other hand loyalty is highly valued.
  • Pashtun culture is a deep, rich code of living that all Pashtuns follow zealously.
  • Pashtuns practice some of the best hospitality in the world! They will take in even their enemies to feed, protect, and give them a bed for the night.
  • There are small pockets of believers and several healthy house church networks among the Pashtun!