24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns Initiative

We are gearing up to start a 24/7 prayer initiative for Pashtuns on Monday, April 13, 2020 at 09:00am EST. We are asking people to commit to one hour of prayer at least once during the seven days. To have non-stop prayer for Pashtuns for one full week, we need 168 people to commit to different one hour prayer slots! This is a lot… but we believe we can reach this goal.

We have created a “prayer room” web page with resources for your hour of prayer. Spending one full hour in prayer may seem like challenge to some. It can be hard to create the time, space and mental focus to stay engaged for one hour. To help with this, we have a helpful 1-hour prayer guide that will help you stay on track, focused and engaged! We hope you will be blessed by this!

To access our 24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns prayer room, click on the button below:

If you happen to come across this resources page AFTER the 24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns initiative is finished but would still like to use the prayer resources and spend an hour in prayer for Pashtuns, please use the link above and spend some time in the virtual prayer room! We encourage spending a full hour in prayer for Pashtuns even after this initiative is over.