24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns Event

Virtual Prayer Room

Why a 24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns Event?

The world currently finds itself in a collective pause as we all are attempting to slowdown and physically separate during COVID-19 pandemic. All around the globe people are sheltering in place and practicing social distancing. Many are staying at home and trying to limit the contact they have with people outside of their household. This is true for those who are involved in ministry to Pashtuns. Contact between them has become very limited. We want this time of social distancing to not be wasted. When people meet again with their Pashtuns friends we want the Father to have been working in their hearts the whole time. We know that this will not happen without prayer. Would you join us in asking the Father to move in a mighty way among the Pashtuns during this unprecedented time?

How to Use this Virtual Prayer Room

This prayer event is designed to happen wherever you are in the world. As long as you have internet access, you can join us in prayer. If you have not signed up for a time slot, then click the link below. Feel free to sign up for multiple time slots if you are able. Once you know your time, set a reminder or alarm so you won’t miss your turn to pray. Before you pray come back here to our Virtual Prayer room and look over the resources we have for you. We have developed an hour prayer wheel that you can download and print. It is designed so that every five minutes you have a new prompt to guide how you pray. There is also information about Pashtuns, pictures, and specific prayer requests to help you as you bring these people before our Father. We also recommend that you have a way to record thoughts, ideas, and anything you think the Father is communicating with you as you pray. If there is anything you hear that you think we should know, then please email it to us. We would love to hear what he is saying.

Commit to a 1-hour Time Slot

We need 168 people to sign up for different 1-hour time slots to have continuous prayer for seven days. If you haven’t yet signed up for your 1-hour time slot, click the link below to sign up. The link will take you to our unique 24/7 Prayer for Pashtuns page on the website 24-7prayer.com.

1-hour Prayer Cycle – To Guide Your Time

Praying for one hour may seem challenging for some. If that’s you, you are not alone! Our lives are busy and finding one hour to sit and pray is tough. Sometimes, not knowing how to spend the hour or not knowing what to pray for can cause worry for some.

To help guide your one hour of prayer, we have provided the 1-hour Prayer Cycle below. This is an amazing tool to guide you in how to spend your time. With twelve 5-minute prompts, we have found the time to be deep, intimate and to run out before we’re ready to stop praying!

Click on the 1-hour Prayer Cycle image above for a downloadable PDF version

Requests – Specific Things to Pray For

  • God would be preparing Pashtun hearts to receive his Good News
  • More workers to be raised up for the harvest field among Pashtuns
  • Open doors in Pashtun communities for workers to live full-time in order to share Life and Truth
  • Believers would reach out to nearby Pashtuns and share the Good News with them
  • Pashtuns would have dreams and visions of Jesus
  • As Pashtuns spend more time at home and on their devices that they would come across Christian media and would believe
  • Believers to have meaningful connections with their Pashtun friends that provide hope and peace during the Pandemic
  • God would provide for the many Pashtuns that are suffering and out of work during the Pandemic
  • Workers would have fresh insight and vision about how to minister to Pashtuns
  • The Pashtun church would be strengthened and experience growth

Pictures – To Spark Prayers

Information – To Enhance Your Prayers

  • There are roughly 52 million Pashtuns living primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Pashtuns are nearly 100% muslim. Those that turn away from Islam (to any religion or atheism) face intense persecution, ostracism, and even death.
  • Pashtuns are the largest tribal society in the world.
  • Pashtuns make up the largest unreached people group in Central Asia.
  • There are small pockets of believers and several healthy house church networks among the Pashtun!
  • Pashtun culture is a deep, rich code of living that all Pashtuns follow zealously.
  • Women often face significant oppression in Pashtun society. Many are forced to stay at home or cover themselves completely when going into public places. Few have any say in who they marry or at what age they are married.
  • Pashtuns practice some of the best hospitality in the world! They will take in even their enemies to feed, protect, and give them a bed for the night.
  • With the spread of COVID-19, many Pashtuns are moving from Pakistan and Iran back to Afghanistan, their ethnic homeland. This massive migration (tens of thousands of people every day), means the virus will likely spread broadly throughout their communities.