24/7 Prayer Event: Praying for Afghanistan

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Why a 24/7 Prayer Event for Afghanistan?

The headlines: overwhelming. The stories: heartbreaking. The reality on the ground: horrifying.

What can we do to help? This is the question many Christians have been asking since the Taliban took over Kabul. Thousands of Afghans and Westerners scrambled to flee the country in the wake of the Taliban takeover. Millions of others have been left behind. Families have been displaced, businesses closed, jobs lost, people with international ties are unsure of how to escape, and some aren’t sure how they will feed their families. The needs are immense.

We must ask God to bring peace to Afghanistan and wisdom to His church.

Starting Wednesday, September 8th at 1:00pm Eastern time, we will kick off a new prayer initiative. We hope to raise up 336 people to pray non-stop for 24 hours a day over a 7-day period!

This 24/7 Prayer Event is our communal “cry to God” to ask for His wisdom over this situation.

Will you join us? Sign up for a 30-minute prayer slot by clicking the button below.

How to Use this Virtual Prayer Room

This prayer event is designed for you to participate wherever you are in the world. As long as you have internet access, you can join us in prayer. If you have not signed up for a 30-minute time slot, then click the link below. Feel free to sign up for multiple time slots if you are able. Once you know your time, set a reminder or alarm so you won’t miss your turn to pray.

Before you pray, come back here to our Virtual Prayer Room and look over the various resources. We have developed a “30-minute Prayer Wheel” that you can download and print. It is designed so that every 5-10 minutes you have a new prompt to guide how you pray. There is also information about Afghanistan, pictures, and specific prayer requests to help you as you bring these people before our Father. We also recommend that you have a way to record thoughts, ideas, and anything you think the Father is communicating with you as you pray. If there is anything you hear that you think we should know, then please email it to us ([email protected]). We would love to hear what He is saying.

Commit to a 30-minute Time Slot

WE HAVE 336 30-MINUTE PRAYER SLOTS TO FILL! Please feel free to sign up for multiple 30-minute prayer slots over the 7-day period.

If you haven’t yet signed up for your 30-minute time slot, click the link below to sign up. The link will take you to our unique 24/7 Pray for Afghanistan page on the website 24-7prayer.com.

You may need to create an account with 24-7prayer.com to sign up for your 30-minute time slot.

30-minute Prayer Wheel – To Guide Your Time

Praying for thirty minutes may seem challenging for some. If that’s you, you are not alone! Our lives are busy and finding thirty minutes to sit and pray is tough. For some of us, not knowing how to spend the time or not knowing what to pray for can be worrisome.

To help guide your time of prayer, we have provided the “30-minute Prayer Wheel” below. This is a great tool to guide your prayer time.

You can either look at the PDF on your mobile or download it and print it off for your prayer time.

Click on the 30-minute Prayer Wheel image above for a downloadable PDF version

Requests – Specific Things to Pray For

  • The quick advance of the Taliban on major cities caused hundreds of thousands of Afghans to flee their homes for safer areas. This has caused a crisis where camps of thousands of IDPs (Internally Displaced People) live without access to proper shelter, clean drinking water, and food. Please pray for the provision of “daily bread” and more for these families.
  • The Taliban are making promises of amnesty, vowing they won’t take revenge on people who worked for Westerners or the former Afghan Government. However, most Afghans find this hard to believe. Pray the Taliban will keep their word and extend peace and forgiveness to all under their control.
  • Afghan women have experienced a revolution the past 20 years with access to education, jobs and freedom to make choices that better their lives. Many fear the progress made over the past 20 years for women vanished when the Taliban took over the Capitol. Pray that the Taliban will continue to allow girls to receive education and that women will have a place in the workforce and government.
  • Thousands of Afghans are still trying to flee Afghanistan but all borders and airports are currently closed. With the evacuation efforts to the West already completed, there are few options and many are desperate to leave. Pray that the Afghans who face the most risk (Christians, those who worked for Westerners, journalists, women who advocated for civil rights, etc.) will be able to find safe passage out and a peaceful place to live.
  • The past 20 years have seen an increased effort in “abundant seed sowing” across Afghanistan. Many Afghans across many ethnic groups have decided to follow Jesus. With the Taliban in control of the country, this could lead to serious persecution for our Afghan brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray for boldness, increased faith, protection and the ability to continue to grow in God’s Word.
  • The Afghans that were able to be evacuated during the U.S. and NATO evacuation efforts left their homes, worldly possessions, friends and family to flee their country. Many left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Thousands are being kept in various locations across the Middle East and Europe as their applications for asylum are processed. Pray for their mental, physical and spiritual health/needs during the tumultuous time.
  • The last time the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, there were still locals that heard the Good News and came to faith in Jesus. There was fruit even in such a difficult time! Pray that Gospel seeds will continue to be sown and for spiritual fruit to be produced in the hearts of Afghans during this Taliban era.
  • Pray that the Church will accept Afghan refugees with open arms, serving, loving and caring for their needs as they transition to a new life in a foreign country.

Pictures – To Inspire Prayer

Sometimes pictures bring new thoughts and ideas for prayer. Feel free to consider these pictures as you pray during your 30-minute time slot. How would you pray for the person in the picture?

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